The Academy trains young managers and specialists capable of working in the fields of state, municipal, economic, financial, social and communication management, ensuring the effective operation and competitiveness of Russian enterprises and organizations in the global economy.

For many years, the Togliatti Academy of Management has been recognized as an effective university based on the monitoring results of the activity effectiveness of educational institutions of higher education (Monitoring has been carried out since 2012).

According to the monitoring results, based on the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the first monitoring of non-state universities TAoM entered the first group (TOP 17) of 169 universities. 

Advantages of studying at TAoM

  • - General management training: development of leadership and business qualities, self-organization and self-determination in all areas of training.
  • - Practice-oriented technologies (professional workshops, trainings, design and analytical sessions, business games).
  • - A system of internships and internships combining study and work from the 1st year.
  • - Participation of teachers-practitioners and employers in the educational process.
  • - Modern technological infrastructure. 
  • - Location of the campus in an ecologically clean area.
  • - Delivery by corporate transport of the Academy.

TAoM goals are to help students to find their calling and to practice/internship in accordance with the professional aspirations of students. 

The system of TAoM internships allows you to study a certain field of activity, gain a foothold in the workplace and accumulate practical work experience by the end of training.

The principle of the educational process in TAoM — is the technology of practical training includes functional and technical internships, professional and pre-graduate practices.

License No. 2917 for educational activities dated 28.08.2020 (indefinitely) was issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Sciences, termless.

Certificate of state accreditation: termless.