About Academy

TAoM founders

Togliatti Academy of Management was founded in 1991. TAoM founders are Government of Samara region, Togliatti City Hall, JSC AVTOVAZ.

In 1993 there was established a system of continuous training: kindergarten – secondary school – high school – Academy.

The core of Academy educational technology, design and research work is a Methodological concept of management. Founder of the methodology is Georgy Shchedrovitsky (1929-1994). His practice is successfully operating in modern Russia today in government management sector, corporation management and modern personnel training system.

The followers of Shchedrovitsky have been developing his methodology in the Academy for 25 years: Alexandr Zinchenko (1946-2015), Nikolay Andreychenko, Andrey Reus, Svetlana Kraychinskaya. Nikolay Andreychenko now holds the position of TAOM Vice-President. Academy graduates hold managerial positions in the leading Russian companies.

TAoM mission

The mission of the Academy is to educate and prepare for Russia a new generation of modern-minded, educated and professionally trained people who are able to be leaders, understand modern business and management trends, and lead like-minded people to the realization of the intended goal.

The Academy trains young managers and specialists capable of working in the fields of state, municipal, economic, financial, social, communicative and semiotic management, ensuring the effective operation and competitiveness of Russian enterprises and organizations in the global economy. These are people with a heightened sense of responsibility to their people and the state for the worthy future of the country.

TAoM features:

- Real career impact: 100% employment of TAoM graduates.
- TAoM unique system of education: diversity of training approaches.
- Career growth: TAoM practical training.
- Healthy environment: ecological location.
- New opportunities for business development.

Principles of training

«Learn by doing» — master the norms and methods of any work in the process of solving practical tasks

The principle of practical training at the expense of immersion in the activity lies at the heart of education at all levels of education — from kindergarten to the program of additional professional education.

«Do as I do!» — demonstrate samples of activity to those who are ready to learn from you; find those from whom you can learn something

This principle is realized through the form of teamwork and technology of tutoring. Already in kindergarten, children learn to work in teams. Tutoring is used from the second stage — secondary school. The technology of tutoring suggests that more experienced older students tell younger, less experienced, «how to work».

«Fit for all» — form your psychophysical readiness for action through training, testing and discipline

Fitness takes an important place in the training of managers, the formation of psychophysical readiness happens already in kindergarten, subsequently fitness becomes a way of life for students and graduates.

«You make your future» — change the existing problem situations by developing projects and actions for their implementation

In training, the Academy uses project approach — students are offered to solve actual problems for which they must find own solution. These are projects for the city, region, customer organizations. For students and trainees of additional education programs this is an opportunity for employment or career growth in the case if their decision will be made for implementation by the customer.

«Organize yourself» — choose the career and educational path in accordance with personal goals and life plans

The principle of «teach everyone, but not everything» operates in the Academy. Already in kindergarten, a child can choose which clubs and sections he will attend in the afternoon. At school, students receive the right to choose additional subjects. At university, students have the opportunity to choose the projects that they need in accordance with their career path.

«Be mobile»

The flexibility of the management system of the Academy contributes to the continuous introduction of educational innovations. The system of organization of the educational process is being regularly improved. Our people are getting used to change, they are mobile and ready for tomorrow.

Interdisciplinary approach

Often, to solve one problem, it is necessary to use knowledge from different disciplines, so many training modules combine several disciplines at once. The infrastructure approach aims to develop students’ professional competencies.

Togliatti city today

- Smart city project - Togliatti was chosen by the Russian government to implement pilot projects under “Smart City” program among 20 Russian cities and became a member of the International Smart Sustainable City Club (ISSCC).

- Special Economic Zone – the place attracting foreign companies with its favourable conditions. Targeted at changing the structure of regional economy and providing its growth.

- «Zhiguli Valley» science park – specializes in innovation startups and IT.

- AVTOVAZ–Renault–Nissan alliance – Renault-Nissan Alliance has a majority stake in AVTOVAZ, Russia’s largest automaker. Together, Renault, Nissan and AVTOVAZ account for one in ten cars sold worldwide and about one in three cars in Russia