Internships program

International team internship program. Management in a cross-cultural context

We provide the opportunity to participate in a project oriented internship in the international team. 

A group of students from different countries, with different educational background and expierence work together toward a common goal. They are assigned to a real task set by the company.

The program enables students to

1. Develop a real project.

2. Get the experience of operating in a cross-cultural and cross-functional environment.

3. Master the foreign language chosen to be the working language of the group.

We invite companies to join the program with your challenging tasks!

Internship could be planned: 
September - December 25th, January 15th - July 15th

Length: 1 month and more

ITIP 2015 Report

ITIP Winter 2016 Report

ITIP Summer 2016 Report

ITIP 2017 Report