Togliatti Academy of Management (TAOM) - higher educational institution, distinguishing features are the priority of practical training and individual learning paths.

Togliatti Academy of Management was founded in 1991. TAOM founders are Samara region government, Togliatti city municipality, AvtoVAZ plant and JSC Bank AVB. In 1993 there was established a system of continuous training: kindergarten – secondary school – high school – Academy.

The core of Academy educational technology, design and research work is a Methodological concept of management. Founder of the methodology is Georgy Shchedrovitsky (1929-1994). His practice is successfully operating in modern Russia today in government management sector, corporation management and modern personnel training system.

The followers of Shchedrovitsky have been developing his methodology in the Academy for 25 years:Alexandr Zinchenko, Nikolay 

Andreichenko, Alexandr Reus, Svetlana Kraychinskaya. Nickolay Andreychenko now holds the position of TAOM Rector. Academy graduates hold key managerial positions in the leading Russian companies.

 5 reasons to choose us:
  1. Real career impact – 100 percent of employment of Academy graduates.

  2. Unique system of education – Utilizing diverse approaches, we provide programs and services of the highest quality

  3. Career growth – Nowadays Togliatti is the pre-eminent city for business attracting numerous foreign companies

  4. Healthy environment – Academy campus is located in a picturesque pine-tree forest on the bank of the greatest European river – the Volga.

  5. New opportunities for business development 

 Togliatti today:
  1. Special Economic Zone – the place attracting foreign companies with its favourable conditions. Targeted at changing the structure of regional economy and providing its growth.

  2. Technology Park – the place for developing innovation projects in any area

  3. AvtoVAZ Renault Nissan alliance – Renault-Nissan Alliance has a majority stake in AVTOVAZ, Russia’s largest automaker. Together, Renault, Nissan and AVTOVAZ account for one in ten cars sold worldwide and about one in three cars in Russia.