The team of TAoM students entered the regional stage of the Hult Prize competition

On January 15, the regional stage of the global Hult Prize competition ended.

The Hult Prize is an international competition for startups in the field of social entrepreneurship development. The first competition was held in 2009, with 1000 students from 25 countries participating. The competition is organized by the heads of large international companies, representatives of large educational and public organizations (United Nations, EF Education First, Hult International Business School, Founder & CEO).

This year, 5,000 applications from universities around the world were submitted for participation in the competition, and 1040 student teams, including a team of students from the Tolyatti Academy of Management, entered the regional stage.

The next step is the final of the regional stage on March 13-15, which will be held in 25 cities around the world, the team of TAU students will go to the city of Rawabi, Palestine.

After the regional stage, there will be 26 teams that will have a month to work out their project in the accelerator together with representatives and experts in the field of ecobusiness. According to the results of the competition, 6 teams will pass to the final, the winner will receive $ 1 million for the project implementation.