Digital environment and tools of the digital world (digital platforms). Design of TAU-2

From February 19 to 21, masters and tutors of the second year organized the fourth project-analytical session (PAS-4) on the topic "Digital environment and tools of the digital world (digital platforms). Design of TAU-2".

At the general meeting, Svetlana Bronislavovna Kraichinskaya, deputy general director of training of personnel - director of the Worldskills Academy, recalled that on January 17, a conference was held in honor of the 30th anniversary of TAU. Masters, teachers and graduates discussed the TAU-2 project - the next step in the development of the Academy in the modern realities of life and education. The TAU-2 project is a new format of education in which students move from knowledge-based equipment to a competent one. The masters want to involve teachers, students and graduates in the design and implementation of the TAU-2 project within the framework of the network format of work organization. This will help attract international experience, TAU graduates and business.

The work was organized in the usual format - participants and organizers worked full-time, and the masters were connected to organizational, substantive settings, general meetings and reflective reviews of the progress of projects using an online platform Zoom (a service for video conferences, online meetings and distance learning).

The goal of the fourth PAS is to start the development and implementation of a project to reproduce the activities of the TAU educational program (TAU-2 project) in the context of a refocusing of world education from knowledge content to competence content, and a quick transition to technological and digital formats. To achieve the goal, the group of teachers and project teams were reformatted into directions, now there are seven of them:

· Development of a new educational program management system;

· Development of channels and ways to reproduce the 30-year experience of TAU in the new educational program;

· Drawing the network format of interaction between the nodes of the LSU network in the transfer of world technologies in the practice of training (modules of knowledge support for actions, inclusion in the strategies of cities and companies, technologies and methods of WSR, etc.);

· Formation of a union of masters, experts, trainers, analysts, rationers, tutors, etc., for a network program;

· Business formats of the communication and activity core of the TAU-2 educational program;

· Development of methods and tools for interaction with consumers and co-operants of the TAU-2 educational program;

· Development and service of navigators on the world fields of opportunities;

Students and teachers of all directions studied educational cases from the world practice, presented the best of them at the general meeting and set tasks for the inter-faculty meeting.:

· "Finnish school" - the academic year consists of six periods: five weeks of practice and one test week, which check the subject-theoretical knowledge. The school day depends on your personal schedule. Students can choose the subjects they are interested in, but there is also a list of mandatory subjects: native language, foreign language, history, economics, etc.

· "Pool" - students join groups and continue to complete daily tasks, two complex tasks and two team projects, and at the end they pass three exams.

· "Business camp" - a student who has an idea for a project, but does not have the experience to implement it - comes to a business camp where there are masters and entrepreneurs who have the necessary knowledge. "At the exit", students have developed a ready-made business project.

· "Business game VR" - the essence of the case in the development of competencies in the game format for further training.

· "Oxford Tutoring" - the case is aimed at building communication between students, tutors and specialists of a narrow subject to solve project tasks and gain professional experience.

· "Designing changes in the structure of the educational process" - integration of project proposals in the development of TAU-2 technology.

· "Management system" - the direction that is created for the management of the TAU-2 project.

The TAU-2 project is a unique opportunity for students to participate in a large-scale project to get competencies and skills. Students also have the opportunity to improve the educational program, remake it for themselves, in order to be in demand with employers.