Online meeting of students with the governor of the Samara region Azarov D.I.

On January 25, on the Day of Russian Students, an online meeting of students from our region with Dmitry Igorevich Azarov, the Governor of the Samara Region, took place.

The Togliatti Academy of Management was represented by students Yekaterina Alistratova, Daria Belyaeva, Nikita Varganov, Veronika Egorova, Gleb Ivanov, Ulyana Rasskalieva, Ruslan Khusiev, Lamara Kolyan, Margarita Meshkova, Natalya Nikolayuk, Alexander Ordin, Yaroslav Paskov, Yekaterina Severyanova.

Dmitry Igorevich congratulated the children on the holiday, discussed with the students of the region the issues that are topical for future young specialists. They touched on a variety of areas. In particular, Alexander Yakovlev, a student of the history faculty of the SSSPU, proposed to revive the work of the school for student activists "Forge of Personnel".

The Governor noted that such a school for students had been actively working before, and he himself took part in it, being the mayor of Samara. The head of the youth policy department of the region, Sergei Burtsev, confirmed that the project existed in the province until 2015.

“I remember this project, it was very interesting, and it’s a pity that I didn’t get a continuation. I consider it important to revive this school and see how we can achieve synergy with the projects of the Russia - Country of Opportunities platform. Young people, of course, need to be helped to become professionals and leaders, ”Dmitry Azarov instructed the Ministry of Education to revive the school, taking into account the new demands of the student body. One of them is the creation of student teams in secondary schools. According to students of technical schools and colleges, this will allow them to try themselves in serious work, to gain additional skills and competencies. The Governor instructed Sergei Burtsev to prepare the necessary application and covering letters.

The head of the region noted the activity of students in the scientific field and the fact that the development of students and teachers of the Samara region is increasingly being discussed at the global level.

The meeting participants told the Governor about their successes, ongoing projects and plans for their development.

It should be noted that meetings of young people with the Governor have already become traditional. In summer, on Youth Day, an online meeting of the “Dialogue as Equals” project was held, where participants could also ask a variety of questions to the Head of the region.

“I want to thank all the students for the meeting, which turned out to be very informative and useful. On a number of issues, we took ourselves "homework", I am sure that we will find solutions. Thank you for your indifference, for sensible, well-thought-out proposals and for what you have already done - those projects where there are results. I am very proud that I have such young, energetic, inquisitive fellow countrymen who feel responsible not only for themselves, but also for those around them. Together, we can definitely handle any task, ”summed up Dmitry Azarov.