All-Russian youth competition "Young Mercury"

Dear Colleagues!

On April 3, registration opens for the All-Russian youth competition "Young Mercury", which takes place within the framework of one of the largest International Festivals "Silver Mercury". Official website:

We invite students of "TAU" to register for the competition, after which the participants will be able to start the project. All detailed information about participation is on the website. You can already familiarize yourself with the briefs, stages of participation in the competition and the evaluation criteria and the list of awards.

Participants have the opportunity to compete with students from top educational institutions, speak to experts and get feedback from them, as well as work on real briefs from well-known brands!

The winners will receive prizes and letters of recommendation from well-known agencies, will be able to improve their professional skills and personal qualities, as well as gain invaluable teamwork experience!

You can check out some of the briefing givers' interviews where they talk about the company and the brief itself. - Sergey Ivashkin, head of the company and distributor of the JIN TU brand in Russia. - Alexander Udotov, brand manager of Fetax from Hochland.

Our @youngmercury.msk Instagram account contains a lot of useful information that will help participants work on their briefs.

Young Mercury 2021 Statement