Review 1. (Нифталиева Элина,2020)
What is it, to study at the academy?
As a student of the academy I can certainly say that this university definitely improves its students throughout the studying period. Although at the start students may have doubts about their perception of the future and in which way they should develop, our academy handles this by letting them participate in group projects, which depending on what position you take can help determine what suits the student the best. And if the student couldn’t figure out what is best for him even at the end of the first year, the internship will definitely help him understand towards what he should work. As a result academy has students who are proficient in different aspects such as management, public performance, programming, economics and other specialties.


Review 2. (Акрамзода Ахтамхуджаи, 2020)
I am very glad that I am studying at the Togliatti Academy of Management! For 2 years of study, I acquired not only knowledge, but also experience, new acquaintances, the opportunity to realize myself in the future.
The university employs highly qualified specialists. It was easy for me to find a common language with many teachers. I also like the fact that they always try to tell about new projects and competitions so that we can participate and take prizes. Thanks to this, I learned about the youth forum of the "LocalFriends" project. It was an unforgettable large-scale event! I am extremely glad that I was there.
Another bright moment in university life is, of course, internships and practices. I believe that our university can rightfully bear the title of the best university for the employment of our students and their self-realization.
Probably the most striking event for the period of my studies at this university is participation in the All-Russian youth project "My country - my Russia". It was quite interesting and to some extent exciting, since having passed the project of our university "LocalFriends", I passed the selection of 63,000 participants and went to Moscow for a three-day tour, where I represented not only our educational institution, but the entire Togliatti .
I have never regretted that I entered the Togliatti Academy of Management


Review 3.  (Lamara Kolyan, 2021)
My path at the Togliatti Academy of Management began in 2016. As a citizen of Armenia, I had the opportunity to study at the Academy under the "Education for Foreign Citizens" program.

In the summer of 2020, I graduated from TAU and received a Bachelor's degree. I am very glad that I entered the Togliatti Academy of Management, as highly qualified teachers, masters and practice teachers work here. Each of them shares their skills, as well as life experience, which allows us to look at the world from a different angle. The Academy places great emphasis on the practical training of students. Through practice and internships, students acquire practical skills and abilities that can be easily used in the future in employment. In simple terms, TAU produces truly real managers and professionals.
Fitness training at the academy is at the highest level, since there is no bad weather in the academy - it is either "good" or "very good". The psychophysical training of students is formed already in the 1st year.
A huge plus that TAU ​​has a lot of practical activities such as games, seminars, discussions, group work, making reports and presentations. Thanks to such teaching methods, already in the 3rd year I was completely ready to work and study in parallel.
I am very glad that I entered the Togliatti Academy of Management again, but this time for a master's degree. The Academy provides an opportunity for foreign citizens to get education, thereby opening up opportunities for career growth and professional equipment.